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It's a violation for a team to hit the ball 4 times before returning it. Assisted Hit. It's illegal for a player or any object to assist a teammate in playing the ball. Catch. It's illegal to catch or throw the ball. The ball must rebound from the hit. Ball Crossing the Net Outside the Crossing Space.

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The hand or foot is still touching the line and does not cross completely over into opponent territory. There is no interference with your opponent’s play. So you would be called for a violation if you stepped on the line and it ended up tripping an opponent or something like that.

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For NCAA, the player can cross the centerline provided some part of the body remains above the line and doesn't cause a hazard. Contact with the Net. Again, official volleyball rules for contacting the net aren't the same across the board. In high school volleyball rules, any contacting of the net is a violation.

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Volleyball Violations. A penalty, violation, or fault is called on a player who breaks the rules of volleyball defined in a rulebook for the league. Each result in a side out, which is one point and possession of the ball for the opponent.

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Crossing the court centerline with any part of your body, with the exception of a hand or foot. It is only considered a violation if the entire hand or entire foot crosses the court centerline. Serving out of rotation or out of order.

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1) Some part of your body must remain on or above the center line. If your whole body is on the other side of the net, it's a violation. 2) If any part of your body is across the center line (even partially), it is a violation if there is interference with the opponent.

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the net is a violation if the ball hasn’t yet broken the vertical plane of the net. Crossing the court centerline with any part of your body. Exception: if it’s the hand or foot, the entire hand or entire foot must cross for it to be a violation. Serving out of order.

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