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Yes. Soccer players do wear protective cups. That being said, not all of them do. Only a handful of players wear them. The percentage of the players that actively wear protective cups is super small. Almost negligible. I’ve only known a couple of soccer players who wear athletic cups, and one of them had to because of a prior injury on his groin area.

Do Soccer Players Wear Cups And Would It Even Help?

Do Soccer Players Wear Cups? Soccer players do not typically wear cups. This is made painfully obvious whenever a player goes down injured after receiving contact in the groin area, or a nefarious...

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Soccer players may be more likely to wear a cup if it is comfortable and allows freedom of movement. Soft cups are better for lower-impact sports such as soccer, where contact is still part of the game. This type of cup is not as protective as the rigid plastic alternative, but it offers a measure of protection.

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If they are hit by the ball then... tough luck, dust off your *imaginary* "cup" (I actually mean balls), take a breather and keep on playing. The only protective gear they are obliged to wear are shin pads: Continue Reading.

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Step 1. Choose a slim, curved, banana-type cup, which is contoured to your body shape and the best style for football. These are typically retailed in boy’s, intermediate and men’s or small, medium...

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The cup is held in place by an athletic supporter or “jock strap.”. These are made from cloth, with an elastic waistband and straps around the legs. The supporter should have a pouch to hold the cup. As an alternative to an athletic supporter, compression shorts are often available with a pouch to fit the cup.

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Slide the cup down into the opening in the middle of the strap or shorts. Locate the seam on the inside of your shorts or strap. It will be located on the front, near the top of the waist. Use 2 fingers on your nondominant hand to open the slot. Slide the cup down through the opening until it’s fitted in the bottom of the pocket.

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You can wear a jockstrap without a cup, and most male athletes do. Unless things have changed drastically in recent years, you cannot wear a cup without a jockstrap–though some cups may be built in to a jockstrap.