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I want to quit soccer : bootroom - reddit.com

I want to quit soccer. Hey all, I’m a 15 yr old Australian who currently plays in Division 1. I’ve played soccer now for around 7 years and enjoyed most of it except for the past 2 years. Ive found myself really disliking the sport over time and training is a nightmare. I lost all my motivation and despite being the best i’ve ever been i ...

11 months post OP scared to return to full: should I quit soccer?

11 months post OP scared to return to full: should I quit soccer? Right off the bat I’m a college soccer athlete and I must admit I did not rehab properly. I was back to full training at 9 months but I barely did anything for rehab yet the physio cleared me. Knowing I did nothing I simply don’t feel safe playing and thinking of quitting ...

How do I convince my parents I want to quit soccer? : Advice

Hello guys! Bit of background about me, I’m 18+ old female college student from Europe. I’ve been playing soccer for about whole my life (def 10+ years at this point) and I’ve started this fall again after having a 2y break (we moved, I went to uni, auntie c-19, lotsa’ things happened).

Why I'm Quitting Soccer Spirits : soccerspirits - reddit.com

Soccer Spirits has truly been a great game while it has lasted, but the player balance is the biggest issue on why people (veterans) are turning away at the moment. The player balancing on BB's part is just horrendously bad because they don't play the game to notice what's wrong, like you said.

How do you tell your parents you want to quit your ... - reddit

I quit basketball my sophomore year because I wasn't enjoying it anymore and I wanted to focus on soccer. Be honest with them about your reasons why. For the most part parents just want you to be involved in something rather than sitting at home when you get home from school, so share with them your ideas for what you'll do in your newly opened ...

Should I quit betting? : SoccerBetting - reddit

Quit my job. Took out a personal loan of £4000 and researched the hell out of horse racing, soccer and tennis. I was betting like crazy. On bets like no goal in last ten minutes, no goals during last 15 minutes etc. In Mexican and other South American League 2 or 3 (can't remember) matches.

My Kid Quit College Soccer, and I'm OK with That

My Kid Quit College Soccer, and I’m OK with That. Below is an emotional account of one family’s journey through the recruiting process and a year of college athletics. I debated whether to publish this because it details a journey you won’t want to consider. In the end, I decided it is important for all parents of athletes to read.

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