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If you want to know about the best NBA players then you are at the right place. There are 30 NBA teams which compete for the titles, but the amusing thing about watching the basketball games are the energetic and famous NBA players. Here, we have ranked the top 5 NBA players of 2020-21 for you.

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Power Forward. You're a big player in every way! In the NBA power forwards' average height is six foot nine!

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Which NBA Player Are You? Lebron James. You can’t have a quiz like this without including Lebron James. He has been widely considered as one of the top players in the NBA for ... Steph Curry. James Harden. Kevin Durant. Kawhi Leonard.

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Which NBA Player Are You 2021. We will count down the best NBA Players from Number 9 to Number 1 before heading into NBA quizzes. Number 9: Jayson Tatum. Team: Boston Celtics. Position: Forward. Age: 22. As a Player: Jayson Tatum has a significant role in the Celtics offense. He is one of the best scorers of the league because of his ability to drive to the basket, spread the floor, and create his shot.

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You are like Javale McGee! You have a lot of talent, but tend to embarrass yourself. You can make baskets, but tend to not think when on the court. Stephen Curry. Stephen Curry. You are a 3pt specialist, and adored by fans. You can dribble very well, and can play good defense consistently. Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan.

What NBA Player Are You? - Playbuzz

Dwight Howard. Dwight Howard. Although consistency isn't one of your best traits when you are performing, not a lot of people will wan't to be in your way. Great defence accompanied with athleticism makes you a great NBA big man. Being a kid a heart makes you a lot of fun as well. Derrick Rose.

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B. You would squish everyone, they can't block you, just drive and dunk it. C. Posterize the people that are trying to block you. D. Fake a shot, drive it, if you can't drive it then try to shoot, if you can't do that, pass it. E. Take a shot in the worst possible shot selection and swish the shot. F.