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Unforced Errors in Tennis - Are They Really Not Forced?

1. Mental Causes There are many mental factors that can cause unforced errors. As a player, you may: lose focus... 2. Demands and Complexity of Tennis (and Any Other Sport) Tennis is an extremely demanding sport. The brain has to... 3. The Risk Needed to Play Quality Tennis

5 Common Forehand Mistakes Tennis Players Make

Here we’re going through 5 common forehand errors that are a must change for anyone looking to improve their technique and stop making unforced errors. 1 - Using The Wrong Tennis Grip Back in the olden/golden days of tennis the continental grip was used for just about everything from forehand, backhand, volleys, serve and all inbetween. A good example in the 1970’s is John McEnroe who used the continental grip on his forehand.

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The truth about unforced errors | Tennismash

Forty unforced errors are a lot if you play a two-set match that has 100 total points, but 40 UEs are a low figure if you wind up in a five-set marathon requiring 300 total points. Another way to think of unforced errors is in relationship to total shots during a given point. With the near-extinction of serving and volleying, rallies have become longer. An unforced error at the end of a grueling 20-shot exchange is more excusable – all other things being equal – than after a point ...

Tennis - How To Stop Making Unforced Errors When You Play The ...

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A Closer Look at the Winner-Unforced Error Ratio – Heavy Topspin

Few tennis statistics are more frequently cited than winners and unforced errors. Nearly every broadcast displays them, and the ratio between the two numbers is discussed during matches as much as any other metric in the game. If we set aside the problems with unforced errors, the winner-unforced error (W/UFE) ratio does appear to have some value. Winners are unquestionably good, so more winners must be better than fewer winners.

How is an error determined to be an unforced error in tennis ...

Roger Federer once criticized a reporter's question referring to the 60 or so unforced errors that Roger supposedly made in the 2007 French Open final against Nadal. He claimed that trying to return Rafa's leaping forehand on a clay court and missing it does not imply t

Stats: Auditing the Unforced Error Count During Kerber ...

During today’s match between Sorana Cirstea and Angelique Kerber, I tallied the unforced errors myself. In addition, I could take advantage of the new live stats provided by TennisTV during their streaming of Masters 1000 events, which even break down the unforced errors by whether it was a forehand or backhand mistake.

In tennis, what is the difference between an unforced error ...

One of the most common unforced errors, especially for novices, is double faulting serves. A forced error is where one player hits a good shot, putting the opponent into a tight spot. For example, carefully angled shots, drop shots, or a sudden change in pace may lead to forced errors.