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The knife mill GRINDOMIX GM 200 is the ideal instrument for grinding and homogenizing foods and feeds. With two sharp, robust blades and a powerful 1000 W motor, it allows to process sample volumes up to 0.7 liters quickly and effectively. 

The GM 200 is not only ideal for homogenizing substances with a high water, oil or fat content but is also perfectly suited for grinding dry, soft and medium-hard products. The quick homogenization process without noteworthy temperature rise ensures preservation of volatile sample components.

Thanks to reproducible setting of parameters, programs and sequences, this mill ensures analytical results with minimum standard deviation. These features plus the wide selection of lids and containers, allowing for adaptation of the mill to individual application requirements, make the GRINDOMIX GM 200 a professional device superior to any commercial household mixer.

  • Thorough size reduction and homogenization of the entire sample material in seconds
  • Pre- and fine grinding in one mill
  • Variable speed up to 10,000 min-1 including Boost function with 14,000 min-1 for improved homogenization of tough and sticky samples
  • Suitable for sample volumes up to 700 ml 
  • Cryokit for cold grinding with dry ice available
  • 8 SOPs and 4 program cycles can be stored
  • Optional gravity lids or volume reduction lids for automatic reduction of the grinding chamber volume
  • All parts in contact with the sample material are autoclavable

To process tough or elastic materials which cannot be homogenized at room temperature, a Cryokit is available to ensure safe and efficient grinding with dry ice. It consists of three components:,betway betting

  • Cryo lid
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  • Stainless steel container with baffles

The baffles contribute to a thorough mixing of the sample.,india casino free slot play

  • Full metal knife

This knife has 4 blades and is a must for cryogenic grinding. It is also well-suited for cutting hard samples.,bet365 ecuador

  • Patented gravity lid

tennis jargons,Automatically adjusts the grinding chamber volume to the changing sample volume.

  • Gravity lid with overflow channels

cycling gps,Ideally suited to homogenize samples with a high water content.

  • Stainless steel container

betdaq racing tips,Minimum wear when hard sample materials are processed.

  • Stainless steel container with baffles

The baffles contribute to a thorough mixing of the sample.,dafabet apk update

  • Reduction lid

to bet,Reduces the chamber volume to 0.5 or 0.3 liter for optimum homogenization of small sample volumes.

  • Serrated blade knife

Used for particularly tough samples such as fatty, streaky meat.,bet365 ecuador

  • Full metal knife

With 4 blades, it is suitable for cold grinding and cutting hard samples.,handball bets

  • Cryokit

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To find the best solution for your sample preparation task, visit our application database:,cycling gps

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